Brand, Wedding, and Editorial Photographer

Capturing Your Vision

Hello, I am Gracie Belle. A little bit about me ~ I am a content creator for weddings, brands, lifestyle, editorials, couples, social media, and more.

I am based in Palm Beach Florida and grew up in Iowa. I shoot anywhere and everywhere you take me. My goal is to bring our Pinterest boards to life and share our creative visions with the world. I love to travel and create content. Currently, I go to college at Palm Beach Atlantic University for cinema arts and business.


After I graduate my hopes are to go full-time with content creation through photo and video. I strive to grow and create content consistently. I shoot digital and film photography.

My home roots are from Des Moines, Iowa. So yes, I do photography both in Iowa and Florida! I strive to travel the world serving my clients with Godly purpose and integrity.

My Journey

My creative journey... where do I start! Ever since I can remember I've had a camera in my hands. I began as the usual teenage, starry-eyed, Youtube influencer, and aspirer. Growing up I made videos every week. Little did I know that this passion would soon turn into an even greater one. I discovered my passion for photography during my junior year of high school and I have been doing it ever since constantly. I am now 20 years old and a sophomore in college at Palm Beach Atlantic working hard to make the dream of becoming a full-time content creator a reality.

My inspiration for photography is curated by the raw, authentic, nostalgic moments that we never want to leave; the moments full of love, the warmth of the sun, salt on our skin, water crystals, running through the prairie barefoot, rolling around in the sand, holding hands with those we deeply love, running wild, dancing in the rain, and running free in the world that God created for us to enjoy.

Life is full of precious moments and it's as good as we choose to make it. So why not capture the life God has given us in a way that visually shows how amazing life truly is and can be.

2024 Locations

January - May Palm Beach Florida

Febuary 2-5 Puerto Rico

May - August Oceanside California

August - December Italy

& beyond.